How Safe Snuggle Puppies Are For Your Puppy

The maker of this unique toy for puppies states that the toy is all-natural and safe.  I have found that it does what it claims to do, which is to calm your puppy and make them less anxious.

Also,many reviews that I researched concluded the same as the maker, that it was a robust, soft, calming toy that was safe for puppies. The key points were as follows.

They are safe for puppies because:

  • Its robust fabrics can withstand repeated playtime use. 
  • Is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • The heart and pad are secured inside the toy

It does create intimacy with physical warmth, and the toy relieves a puppy’s anxiety, fear, and loneliness

Ultimately I have been asking questions and looking all over for any signs that these toys are not safe for puppies, and I cannot find any. All I can find are things that confirm the manufacturer’s assertions that they are safe.

Puppies can be rough on their toys, worrying the toy with their small but sharp teeth. The toy needs a quality fabric to withstand this action, and the construction of the toy needs to be equally strong as well.

The Snuggle Puppy comes into its own the first few nights when a puppy moves away from their mother and home. The first few days they can feel frightened, lonely, and anxious in their new home until they get to know you and your family.

Up until now, they have slept in a pile with their siblings, which is for warmth and companionship. A night without their mom and littermates can be frightening.

Having a Snuggle Puppy that is warm and soft, with a heart that they can hear and feel beating, makes the world seem that little bit friendlier.

Many of the reviews said that their puppy settled easier at night to sleep, without the howling or crying that can sometimes occur with a lonely little dog after adopting them.


They are Carefully Designed

The toy is designed to be soft and floppy, which is appealing for a pet to cozy up to when they are tired. They are made of a strong based soft plush fabric with strong stitching to withstand rough treatment.

Other features include.

  • A choice of sizes of the toy so you can tailor it to your pet.
  • A non-toxic heat pad for winter, and in summer, you can swap it for a small cooling pad to help them cool down.
  • The toy is soft to sleep with, providing a soft cushion-like effect to sleep with.
  • All internal components are made of bite-resistant plastic and to withstand rough treatment (just in case your puppy does break into the internal bag where these are kept).
  • The heart vibrates and makes a gentle beating noise, so to your puppy, it sounds like a live animal.
  • The toy not only comforts a small puppy, but kittens, cats, rabbits, and elderly pets suffering joint pain can get relief and comfort from the toy.


Your Puppy and Their Snuggle Puppy

It is amazing how attached a puppy can become to a special toy, blanket, or ball. My daughter’s dog loves a little blanket I made for her and drags it all around the house with her.

She loves coming up to us and encourages us to play tug of war with it. When she sleeps, her blanky is always with her.

Reviews showed this to be true with the Snuggle Puppy. The puppies all seem to drag it with them from room to room, and often play games, chew it, or toss it around and fetch it back again.

It seems to fill that loneliness void until they get confident enough to be alone without the toy’s support.

Eventually, as they adjust more and more to you and your home, the toy will slowly lose its appeal as they find other things to do.

But while they are young, leave them to their toys, they are harmless.


Toys that Are Best For Your Puppy.

The Snuggle Puppy isn’t the only safe toy that your puppy will love to play with. These days manufacturers produce a plethora of toys to choose from for the young pup.

Balls of all descriptions from small to large, wrestling rings, rubber puppy toys, squeaking toys in a range of designs, treat-dispensing toys, and plush soft toys – just visit any pet shop, and you will be overcome by choice. 

Make sure the toy complies with the following rules.

  • Is strong and will not break easily.
  • Cannot get swallowed by your puppy.
  • Made with non-toxic materials.
  • There are no small parts that can be torn off the toy and eaten.
  • If it is a cooling toy, make sure the liquid cannot leak out of the toy.
  • Flexible for chewing rather than too hard which can break small teeth.
  • Soft toys should have sewn-on eyes – not eyes that can be chewed off and swallowed.
  • And watch that should your puppy rip open a soft toy, that they can’t get at the stuffing and swallow it.
  • Toys with ribbons or strings can get chewed off and swallowed.
  • The toy should be shatterproof and chew-proof if possible.

Puppies are incredibly tough on their toys. Even a small breed puppy can demolish a toy in a relatively short time.

That is why I always say check your puppy’s toys each week and remove those toys that are chipped, broken, or in some way damaged.

Puppies will eat anything! So their toys need to be checked regularly, or you will be off to the vet for yet another emergency visit with your puppy.


A Snuggle Puppy Friend Helps Your Puppy Learn.

Young puppies are adorable; they seem to bumble around in an uncoordinated way, they get into trouble,  stick their noses where they shouldn’t, and everything in life is either a challenge, or it is frightening.

Being left home alone is scary for a timid puppy.  Or getting lost in the upstairs area of the house. A young pup can start having anxiety attacks which can make life difficult for you. It’s hard to walk out the door to work when you have a young puppy clinging to your leg!

But if they have a toy that they can rely on, such as the Snuggle Puppy, they have a friend to help them learn.

So here are some anxiety busters you can use to calm your pup.

  • Try to wear off some of that energy that they have by taking them for a walk before you leave for work.
  • Don’t make a big production of leaving or returning. Perhaps leave them to eat their meal while you slip out.
  • Leave some calming music on for them to listen to. A silent house is intimidating.
  • Make a cozy day bed in the family area where they can go for one of their many daily naps.
  • Make sure their Snuggle Puppy friend is available to them. Life is less scary with a friend!
  • Don’t open the whole house up to them, they will feel better in a smaller, compact play area in the lounge.
  • Make sure they have all their favorite toys to snuggle and play with.
  • For the first few weeks, ask a family member or friend who lives nearby to call in and visit with your pup, especially if you have a long workday ahead.
  • A feed bowl with a timer feeder is ideal if you cannot get home for lunch. The lid will pop up at the pre-set time for your puppy.
  • If you can get home for lunch, so much the better. Spend some time bonding with your happy little pooch.
  • Make sure they have a puppy pad for their toilet ‘business.’ A young puppy still doesn’t have full control of their body yet, so accidents are bound to happen.
  • If accidents happen, keep your lips sealed and move onto something that you can praise them for.
  • Positive reinforcement builds a confident and outgoing puppy.
  • Patience is required. A puppy takes a while to learn things, so be kind and patient; they will get it eventually.
  • Reward them when you get home by giving them time to play with you, perhaps a walk outside to stretch their legs.


Overcoming Puppy Anxiety.

For the first few weeks of their life, a puppy has the mother dog to guide, comfort, and feed them. In other words, everything that a puppy wants, they get from their mom and the other puppies in the litter.

They seek out mom to keep themselves warm, as they cannot regulate their body temperatures yet. She feeds them, cleans them, and protects them.

Then at approximately 8 -10 weeks old, as they have progressed to more confident pups, they are taken from mom and siblings, and for the very first time in their life, they are alone.

The first few days they have to adapt to new owners, need to get used to a new home, and may have to adjust to another pet in the house, such as a cat or an older dog.

Hopefully, the owners of the puppy’s mom have socialized the puppies, and they have experienced being handled by humans and interacting with others outside of their immediate family.

But even so, it’s a scary time for a young puppy.

They can feel lonely without their mom and siblings. They have to make decisions themselves, and navigate the world on their own.

Of course, you are there to help, but until you bond closely with your puppy, it is a lonely road for your young pup.

But you can make it easier for them by giving plenty of cuddles, some tasty treats for rewards, and by providing a deep cozy bed and a few soft toys to snuggle with, which will help them to adjust to life on their own.


In Conclusion – Snuggle Puppy Toys Are Safe.

The Snuggle Puppy is a safe toy that does what the designers set out to achieve, and that is to make a puppy feel safe, warm, and soothe any anxiety the puppy may feel.

It passes the test of a sturdy build, using non-toxic fabrics and plastics, and is made in a way that mimics a sleeping dog.

This enables your puppy to feel as though they have a buddy to sleep with, which is important for a canine who is essentially a pack animal.

The pack allows members the confidence to eat, hunt, and rest within the pack structure that gives them protection.

Puppies love to play, wrestle, battle with their toys. It hones their skills at attacking, biting, and fighting, albeit a compliant opponent.

Toys help your puppy to play, learn and enjoy their own company while they play their imaginary games.

What a wonderful way to begin their life!

Writer: Jean Brewer

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