How Puppies Think Their Human Owners Are Their Parents

Puppies think that their human owner is their parents. Not only that, they think you are the leader of their pack.

Puppies will always be excited to see you because it’s a part of who they are and their ancestry. The puppy sees you as a safety net and looks to you for guidance as well as love.

Many puppy owners consider their puppies to be their children. Of course they know they aren’t actually related to them, but it’s an indication of the deep bond we form with our new puppies and our desire to do right by them.

We care for them, feed them, keep them warm and comfort them. For all intents and purposes, they are our family and we treat them as such.

Have you ever thought about what puppies think of us? Do they think we are their parents? Do they think they are humans or we are dogs?

It’s a few questions many puppy owners have considered, so in this article, I’ll explore the answers.


Studies Show Puppies Think We Are Their Parents

Scientists have looked intowhether or not puppies consider us as their parents.They found that the relationship between an owner and their puppy is based on the same principles as the relationship between a parent and their child.

Basically, both puppies and children gain their confidence to explore their new environments thanks to the strength of the bond they have with their parents and owners.

Both puppies and children buildconfidence thanks to the adults in their lives. When a puppy gets scared, it runs to its owners much like a child runs to their parents. That is where they feel safest.

Puppies use their parents as a safety net. They are more inclined to explore and be social when their owners are with them than when they are alone. When no one else is around, they have no one to rely on for help.


Puppies Look To Us For Socialization Skills

Your puppy sees you as their protector.  The strong emotional bond can make a puppy identify you as their parent. You are the constant, strong influence in their lives.

Through you, they learn to socialize, and be brave in new situations. Have you noticed that when you’re in the room, your puppy can’t take their eyes off you? They see you as the leader of the pack and their parent. If you move, they move. In their eyes, you are the wisest person in the world.

Your continued interactions with your puppy build a healthy, lasting bond that further strengthens the relationship between you and your puppy.

Your puppy will learn to love your cuddles, warmth and tenderness. Over time, they not only see you as their parent, but as their friend and playmate. The bond is ever-increasing and has many layers tht reveal over time.

A puppy’s brain scan tells scientists that they rely on us more than they rely on other dogs. The scans even show that their owner’s scent sparks the reward part of the puppy’s brain. So, every time your dog sees you, it’s like they are being rewarded for good behavior.

No wonder they love seeing you when you get home each day, no matter how tired and grumpy you are.

Your puppy is hardwired to pick up on your moods. They don’t just sense them, they physically feel them and react to you and how you’re feeling.

One of the key signs your puppy has totally bonded with you is the fact they look you in the eye. They are the only non-primate animal to do so. Even wolves, when raised like dogs, don’t look people in the eye. It’s something unique between you and your puppy.

The bond between you and your puppy, replaces your dog’s need to connect with other dogs as they become a part of your family.

The interesting thing about your puppy and family is, your puppy knows you’re not a dog. They tell that by your smell. Even though they know you’re different to them, they still become a part of your family and consider you as the alpha and parent. It’s truly one of the magical circumstances in the human and puppy relationship.


You Really Can Call Your Puppy Your Kid

So, now that we have agreed that your puppy considers you their parent, we should look at how you know they consider you a good parent.

After all, we all want to make sure we’re doing the best by our little puppies. Here are the positive signs you should look out for.

  1. They are always under your feet. Not only that, but they follow you everywhere you go because they adore being with you. Each moment you are together is a treasure to them and they will follow you even as you do boring, menial tasks.
  2. They help you with your human babies. Puppies don’t see your human babies as competition; they see an opportunity to help you. They will comfort your little baby when they are crying, and they play and sleep with them.
  3. They love to make eye contact. When you enter the room, are sitting, or just talking to your puppy, they gaze into your eyes and maintain eye contact.
  4. They comfort you as much as you comfort them. Even young puppies know when you’re feeling down and need extra companionship. They will sit with you, play with youor just lay their head on your lap. They know that their attention will make you feel better.


Puppies Learn to Recognize Your Face

Not only do puppies see you as their parent, they also learn to recognize you by your face. This is an important point, because their sense of sight combines with their sense of touch and emotion to create a fantastic parent and child bond.

Studies show that puppies can distinguish the face of their owner in amongst the faces of strangers. This recognition is also helped by scent. A puppy learns the smell of itsowner.

This sense of belonging in your puppy, encourages them to considerthat they are a part of your pack. You are the alpha of that pack, and your puppy recognizes this early on.

In your puppy’s world, packs are very important,so they look to you as the one for guidance.

When your puppy considers you their parent, they also show signs of love and respect to you. Here are some of the signs to look for:

  1. Your puppy brings you toys or dead prey. This is your puppy acting on instinct. It’s likely linking back to their wolf ancestors when pack members would bring these things to the alpha wolf to please them.
  2. Your dog gets close to you for protection. As soon as you sit down, your puppy runs to your side or tries to sit on you. They recognize that whereever you are, they will be safe.
  3. Your puppy follows you everywhere. When you are followed everywhere you go by your puppy, you know that they are showing you respect. You are the leader and know where to go. They will follow you into new experiences and new sounds.
  4. Your puppy doesn’t steal from you. If your puppy doesn’t think they can steal food from you, they are demonstrating their knowledge that you are the alpha and they are below you in the ranks.

Your puppy loves being with you. It’s in their DNA. Puppies know we aren’t exactly like them, but they still see us as the alpha, their friend, and their parent. Puppies seek the help of humans, but not other dogs. They are able to see that we are capable and willing to assist them in times of need.

Studies show that because dogs don’t have the same language capacity as us, their reactions are purely emotional. That’s why they get so excited and jump around like lunatics when you return home after a day at work.

They are always waiting because it would be very unlikely for a dog to abandon their pack. So, they wait for you, and their excitement is obvious when you walk in the door.


The Bottom Line on Puppies and Humans

If you are blessed with having a puppy in your life, it’s highly likely that they see you as their parent.

Not only that, they are genetically inclined to want to be with you. They trust you more than other dogs and will always be especially happy to spend time with you.


Writer: Craig Taylor

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