How Well the Snuggle Puppy Really Works to Comforts Pets

Snuggle Puppy behavioural aids are designed to provide comfort and reduce stress-induced behavior such as whining, howling, and barking in young puppies when they are separated from their mom and littermates.

The snuggle puppy works because it provides soft physical warmth (from the heat pack).

  • The intimate, realistic heartbeat is comforting.
  • The sound is reassuring.
  • It is company during a long night.
  • And it is completely natural and safe for your puppy.

When I first heard about this toy, I liked the sound of it but was a bit skeptical about it as it seemed almost too good to be true.

But after doing my homework on the toy, I became a believer. It works with what a puppy expects when cuddling up – they can hear the heartbeat, they are snug and safe, and they are warm and cosy.

This is even better than putting a ticking clock into their bed. They cannot snuggle a clock, but they can and will snuggle the Snuggle Puppy toy.

It can also reassure and comfort your pet during a thunderstorm, fireworks, moving to a new house, or even traveling in the car. It is a natural calmer without restraint.


The Snuggle Puppy Is an Effective Aid.

  • It works by recreating the intimacy of a realistic heartbeat, making this cuddly toy the perfect substitute for a puppy’s mom when they are lonely and scared , especially at night.
  • The plush fur offers an extra source of comfort and warmth, combined with the additional heat from the heat pad.
  • If you plan to get it before you get your puppy, give it to the owner to put with the mum and pups.The scent will remain on the toy adding another level of sensory comfort for your pup.
  • It recreates the sensation of when the puppy would snuggle into their mum and siblings, by providing warmth and reassurance.
  • It calms without medication or restraint. It will comfort your puppy during fireworks and thunderstorms too.
  • Helps themtransition into their new home and sleep soundly through the night.
  • And it is great for crate training. Put in a cozy bed with a few blankets, a treat or two, and place the Snuggle Puppy inside, and your puppy will never want to come out!

It provides your new puppy with a friend who they can snuggle into for warmth and reassurance, while the heartbeat and heat pad provides relief for the lonely pup.

And apparently, it works for cats as well!

One of my friends had a senior cat that was causing them grief because it yowled all night, yet when allowed into their bedroom, it wanted to lie on their faces and was such a nuisance that they banned it yet again only to suffer the return of the yowler prowling around.

In desperation, they brought a Snuggle Puppy, turned on the heart, and never heard from the cat all night. They were so worried by the silence, they got up several times during the night only to find kitty snoring quietly curled up with her Snuggle Puppy.


Sleeping Through the First Night

You can do a lot to make your puppies first night sleeping alone a relaxing time. Here are some things you can do to ensure your puppy will sleep soundly.

  • On the first day at their new home, keep them busy exploring their new home, meeting everyone, and playing with lots of new toys. Spend time with them to bond but also allow a little time on their own to explore. You want a tired puppy at bedtime so that they will be happy to go to sleep.
  • Introduce the Snuggle Puppy to them early in the day, and make sure you have put your scent on it by cuddling it previously.
  • In the last two hours before bed, slow the pace of things down. Quiet time with gentle play and snuggling will help.
  • Make sure your puppy is using the toilet box or goes outside to do their business, especially before they bed down for the night. A full bladder or needing to poop will wake your youngster up. If you do get woken during the night, talk softly and do not encourage play. Its pee and poop and then back to bed.
  • Use a crate which they will learn is their safe place, but the first few nights, it would be best to have the crate in the bedroom so that the puppy can smell and hear you.  You can also easily reach down and gently pat them if they cry.
  • Teach them to go into the crate by leaving a trail of small treats. You do not want to force them. Let them discover all the things puppies love – such as food, a soft deep bed, a plush Snuggle Puppy toy, and something to chew on.
  • Remember to turn on the heartbeat and use the heat pad if needed for extra warmth.
  • Keep calm, be firm but fair, and encourage your young puppy to enjoy sleeping on their own within reach of their new mum/dad.


A Full Desciption of the Snuggle Puppy

  • The toy is made of a very soft, quality plush materialIt has long droop ears and a soft body. The Snuggle Puppy comes with a realistic pulsating heartbeat for that reassuring sound.
  • The toy also comes with a heat pack to calm and warm your puppy to encourage them to cuddle in and doze off to sleep.
  • There is no zip where you put in the heart, but it has a tough, well-tested Velcro tape that is well hidden so that even a large mature dog would find it hard to rip open.
  • The makers advertise that the toy is machine washable on a gentle cycle, so you do not have to worry about elaborate or specialized care.
  • You will need some AAA batteries for the toy, so stock up now when you see them on special. Each pair of batteries will last up to two weeks with continuous use. Normally the toy comes with batteries, but if you are getting it posted to you, and batteries are not allowed in the mail, make sure you have a supply of your own.

Like most successful things, there are other similar look-alike brands around that come at a cheaper price. But in my mind, the Snuggle puppy looks and feels the cutest and seems to have excellent results, so it is a no-brainer.

What is an undisturbed night’s sleep worth to you?

And who’s heart does not break when a puppy cries itself to sleep each night?

Imagine having your mum and siblings suddenly disappear, and you are on your own with a lot of strange humans in an unfamiliar house. During the day there are a lot of distractions, so you would not miss them so much. But come night – that is when the loneliness, the fear, the scariness would get to you.

The snuggle puppy is a good natural solution to overcome the transition from moving to a new home for your new puppy.


Pet Owners Confirm its Effectiveness

  • With 82% on Amazon leaving a positive review of 4.6 out of 5 Stars for a global rating, this toy has proven itself as a behavioral solution for the crying night-time puppy conundrum.
  • Dogs are pack animals – they live in a loose social structure that does not always have a definite leader. Puppies are used to having their mother and littermates around them. And by snuggling together, puppies feel secure and keep warm.
  • But today, a puppy is often taken from the comfort of their mother and siblings at around 6 weeks of age. This comes as quite a shock to the puppy, who is then expected to sleep by themselves. It is only natural that they complain bitterly when it happens.
  • The people I spoke to who had decided to get the snuggly puppy had very similar experiences.
  • The feedback I got was that the puppy was much calmer at night due to the close comfort of Snuggle Puppy, so they were ready to sleep without making a fuss.
  • Those that bought it (including myself) were surprised at how immediate the toy worked. The puppy snuggled right on into it and relaxed to doze off to sleep almost immediately.
  • Some friends who were so tired with sleepless nights found that once they introduced Snuggle Puppy to their new pup,  the first night they were so anxious about the silence that they got up and prodded their puppy to ensure they were all right!
  • All you must do is to turn on the heart and put it inside the puppy, then add the heat pad if you are in a cold climate, and your puppy will snuggle up to sleep.

If you want peace at night and to keep your little puppy happy during alone times, get them a Snuggle Puppy, and they will be happy.


A Contented Puppy

Puppies are easy to please when you know what they like and want. Usually, it is companionship and cuddling that is important to a young dog, but food is high on the list as well.

The Snuggle Puppy is more than just a toy though:

  • It can be a companion during the day when you must slip out to the shops and  leave the pup alone. With their buddy’s heart beating away, they will not feel so lonely.
  • When they are bigger, they will start to lug their plush pal around the house to share their adventures.
  • Bringing their Snuggle Puppy along in their first-ever car drive will give them confidence and keep them calm.
  • Even a trip to the vet is an occasion for support from their plush pal. Having something familiar will give them confidence during a visit to the outside world.
  • Remember, if you are going away for a night or two, either with or without the puppy, ensure they have their toy handy, or you may have a rough night.
  • Do not worry about them getting too attached to the toy. As they change, their needs change too. Before long, Snuggle Puppy will be just an occasional toy, as they learn about the great outdoors and are involved in exciting adventures with the owner.


The Last Word

The Snuggle Puppy can have quite an overwhelmingly positive impact on your family when introducing a new puppy into your home.

Although the toy is a behavioral aid to comfort an anxious animal, I believe it is worth it.  The toy does save a lot of stress and calms the situation for both animal and human during the adjustment period of adapting to a dog in the house.

Taking the fear out of a situation is a positive step to take. The cry of a puppy can be heartbreaking and can create many a sleepless night.

I believe using the toy to comfort the puppy as they adjust is justified if it is combined with love, patience, and tolerance.

Young puppies can be demanding, have a short attention span, and take a lot of time to learn things. You must repeat the lesson often before they get it.

Winning the first night at home by using a behavior aid toy such as the Snuggle Puppy, I believe is both ethical and acceptable as a training tool – albeit the cutest behavior tool I have seen!


Writer: Jean Brewer

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