All the Facts About Whether It’s Worth Owning a Dog

Owning a dog is worth it as they give love, loyalty, friendship and teach us things.

However it is not always easy, needs a lot of time, effort and costs money to look after one.

You must choose the right dog for you and consider breed, size, exercise needs and grooming.

Owning a dog can be challenging and hard work. It takes time and effort to not only take care of a dog, but also to form a relationship that creates a trust and bond. Owning a dog is a commitment that you must be ready for.

A dog is loyal and will give you unconditional love. They can be problematic, expensive and time consuming, but the majority of people who become dog owners, know that it is all absolutely worth it.

Dogs are companions. Given the chance, they will follow you everywhere you go. As long as you are with them, they will be happy.

Dogs need stimulation, interaction, and training.

Animals like cats take far less effort, but most people who get a dog will learn this pretty quick, especially a first-time dog owner. They take up a lot of every day.


Dogs Take Hard Work, but It’s Worth It

People who ask if owning a dog is worth it are likely novices who will quickly learnall the ins-and-outs of dog ownership.

You never know what will happen with a dog, but you need to be prepared for anything. You will have a financial dependent and an emotional one too.

A dog is a small part of your life because you have many other responsibilities. For a dog, you are everything, and their life completely revolves around you. That’s a big responsibility, and things can go wrong if dogs don’t get the attention they need.


There Are Disadvantages to Owning a Dog

No article talking about the positives of owning a dog would be balanced if we didn’t look at the negatives.

Some of them are minor, while others can make some people question if owning a dog is for them. Be honest with yourself, and don’t be afraid to take your time in considering if you really want a dog.

This is no particular order, but these are very common issues.

  • Poop: Dogs poop a lot, and you have to pick it up. This is at home and when you go out armed with plastic bags to clean up after your dog.
  • Exercise: You have to exercise your dog for their health. This takes time and effort, or you have to pay someone else to do it.
  • Vet Bills: There is a saying that if you can’t afford a vet, you can’t afford a pet. If your dog gets sick, you need to get them medical attention. There are also vaccinations you are often required to get for your dog. Sometimes medical bills for your dog can be more expensive than for yourself.
  • Food expense: You can choose cheap food for your dog, and that may be sufficient for some. If your dog is like mine, and they have an allergy, food can be very expensive.
  • Going Away:If you can’t take your dog with you, you will have to organize someone to look after your dog, or pay someone to do it.
  • Digging and Damage: Most dogs aren’t gentle when it comes to your yard and plants. They can dig holes and be quite destructive.
  • Lifespan: Compared to most humans, dogs don’t live very long. The average lifespan of a dog is around 12 years, depending on the breed. It’s very sad to let them go, but this is something  you need to be prepared for.


Owning a Dog Benefits You in More Ways Than One

Owning a dog has health and psychological benefits for you as the owner. Having a dog in your life can be very rewarding. It’s nice to know that while you are keeping your dog healthy, you are also receiving great benefits also.

  • Improved Health and Weight Loss: Dog owners who walk their dogs daily are adding in a few good hours of low impact exercise for themselves. You benefit fromheart health and weight loss over time.
  • Stress Reduction: Keeping fit and being with your pooch helps to keep your stress levels down. This is especially so on a lovely early evening walk.
  • Keeps children healthy: There are studies that say having a dog benefits children by decreasing incidents of allergies.

Many dog owners know that their dog makes them a happier person. A lot of dog owners admit that having a dog helped them through tough times when they experienced them.

We can learn a lot from our dogs including patience, compassion, and kindness. Our relationships with dogs are beneficial for both of us.

Looking at all the benefits of owning a dog makes it an incredibly worthwhile thing to do.


Owning a Dog Extends Your Life

This may sound like an exaggerated statement, but there are a number of studies that show owning a dog helps you to live longer.

Healing faster after surgery, reducing depression, and reducing incidents of colds are all benefits of having a dog provides you.

You have to choose the right dog though. Choosing the wrong one will make the owning of a dog painful, rather than worth it.

You should consider your lifestyle, your available time, and finances.

Consider whether you want a breed that is docile, or do you want an energetic breed that requires a lot of exercise?

Choosing the wrong type of dog for you will make it seem that having a dog isn’t worth it. Choosing the right dog for you in terms of breed, temperament, size, and needs will change your opinion completely.

There are certain breeds more suited to first time dog owners, so it pays to do your homework. The top breeds suited to a new dog owner are:

  • Golden Retriever:These are loyal, friendly family dogs. Training is recommended to correct their robust behavior. Lots of brushing is required as well.
  • Greyhound: This may be a surprising first time dog due to their size and speed. Greyhounds are very quiet dogs at home, but also love to go out with you. They may not be suitable in a home with pet cats or rabbits, due to their hunting and chasing nature.
  • Boxer: If you have an active lifestyle, the boxer is a loyal breed who loves to go on adventures with you. They do require good training when young, so puppy school is a good idea.
  • Yorkshire Terrier: If you’re looking for a small dog, then the Yorkshire Terrier is a good start. They are very loyal to their owners, which sometimes makes them overprotective of their family. Even though they are small, Yorkshire Terriers need a lot of grooming.
  • King Charles Spaniel: This is another small dog that is affectionate and loyal. They don’t require as much grooming as a Yorkshire Terrier, but they do need daily walking to stay healthy. They will fit into any type of household, including one with children.


A Trained Dog Makes Ownership Fun

If you get a dog for the first time, an untrained dog can make the experience of dog ownership unpleasant.

There are things to do that make owning a dog worth it. Don’t expect too much too soon, and allow your dog to settle in before going on adventures. They have to get used to their new home before they are taken to new locations.

Start training them as soon as possible, even just the basics like, stay, sit, heel, and come.

If you have other pets, introduce them straight away, as the relationship between animals can make ownership worth it or not.

Give them a dedicated place to sleep, correct bad behavior, and ensure you have the right food.


Dog Ownership is Worth It Because

Dogs provide us with companionship, a loyal friend, love and compassion. Setting yourself up in the beginning is important, and things like the right breed and size arejust the start.

You need to be able to afford a dog, have time and space, and be willing to put in the effort if things don’t go quite right.

If you don’t set yourself up properly, choose the wrong dog, don’t have time, or are surprised at the cost of keeping a dog, the experience won’t be what you thought it would be.

Plan and enjoy years of fun and affection with your dog family member.


Writer: Craig Taylor

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