The Reasons Why Dogs Are Not Good Pets

Dogs are not good pets for everyone, as they are:

  • Expensive in terms of food, vet costs, etc.
  • Time consuming (walks, playtime, etc.).
  • Inclined to make messes.    
  • Able to acquire parasites and trigger allergies.
  • Occasionally loud and destructive.
  • Not able to live long enough.
  • Not pets that can be left alone for longer periods.

They are basically high maintenance pets.

Any dog lover would balk at the thought that a dog is not a good pet. However, the truth is that dogs are not good pets for everyone.

There are several reasons why everyone who aches for a new puppy in their home should stop and think about whether this is the right choice.

In some cases, it would be best to choose another animal. Though there are many rewarding aspects to having a dog, the truth is that there are also challenges.

Only the people for whom the rewards outweigh the pitfalls should consider bringing dogs into their homes. Otherwise, the end results could prove to be disastrous for both the humans and the dog.


Pitfalls of Dog Ownership

Dogs are one of the most popular animals in the world, especially among domestic pets. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that they are friendly, loyal, and make wonderful companions.

However, this does not mean that everyone who loves a dog should get a dog; there are also many reasons why one should not own a dog.


A Dog Needs a Lot to Fulfill Their Needs

In order to properly take care of a dog, there are many needs that you need to address. If you can’t realistically see yourself doing all of these things, you should think again about whether a dog is really the right pet for you.


They Need Regular Exercise

For optimal physical and mental health, your dog needs regular exercise. It varies depending on the breed, but the majority of dogs need at least one walk every day.

Many people may not see this as a big deal, but you should think about whether you are willing to make time to walk your dog. You may need to get up early, go to bed late, or come home in the middle of a busy day at work to take them for a walk.


Their Food Can Be Expensive

Dog food can end up costing you a lot of money over the years. This is particularly true if you have a giant breed, such as a Great Dane. If you want your dog to stay healthy for as long as possible, you will want to make sure to give them the best possible nutrition.


Veterinary Costs Can Be High When They Are Old and Sick    

Many people don’t think a lot about veterinary bills. They assume that their dog is going to be healthy and that they won’t have to pay for more than the basic shots and rudimentary care. However, this is usually only true when the dog is young and healthy.

If your dog ends up in an accident or has an unexpected illness, you might find yourself paying a lot more for veterinary bills than you ever could have anticipated. Even if your dog is the picture of health, they will grow old eventually, and you will likely have to pay quite a bit more for veterinary care at that point.


Being Pack Animals, They Needs Lots of Attention

Dogs are very social animals. Just like their wolf ancestors, they are pack animals, and they see their humans as the leaders of their packs.

Your canine friends crave your approval and look to you for leadership. You will need to pet and play with them regularly. If you aren’t able to do this and ignore your dog, they will likely be unhappy and could even start destroying your furniture and other items to work off their excess energy.


Dogs Needs Lots of General Maintenance and Extras

Other than food, exercise, and attention, there are many types of maintenance you will need to keep track of for your dog. It varies quite a bit depending on the specific breed, but there are many things that you might need to do.


Keep Your Dog Clean and Hygienic    

Most of the time, you will want to bathe your dogs on a somewhat regular basis. You should brush their teeth and make sure they have dental treatments if necessary. You also want to keep their nails trimmed and take care of their grooming needs.

A dog will typically either need to have their hair trimmed every now and then or be brushed. If your dog is the type that sheds, there will likely be hair all over your home during heavy shedding seasons, and you should be prepared to clean this up as well.

There are also other expenses that you’ll need to keep in mind with a dog. You’ll need to make sure they have the right collar, leash, shampoo, flea drops, heartworm medication, and more. Toys and treats are also good things to have when you have a dog in your home.


Its Work to Clean Up After Their Waste

Just like any other animal, dogs produce waste in the form of poop and pee.

Even after you have housebroken them, you can’t stop them from pooping or peeing wherever they are able to outside, even if it’s in someone’s yard while they’re standing right there during one of your walks. You’ll have to scoop up the poop and usually carry it around for at least a little while.

Also, even if you do have them housetrained, they will still occasionally have accidents within your home. This can be very unpleasant to clean up.


Dogs Can Get Parasites

There are many parasites that might end up afflicting your dog. One very common one is fleas. Fleas will irritate your dog’s skin, and they can be very expensive to eliminate.

Usually, if your dog has fleas, you don’t just have to treat the dog either. You will also need to get rid of the fleas that are on your furniture and carpet.

There are also different types of worms that can end up in your dog’s digestive system. These will need to be taken care of right away too, in order to protect your dog’s health.


Other People Can Be Allergic to or Afraid of Dogs

There are a lot of pets that can trigger allergies in human beings, but dogs are one of the ones that are on the top of the list. Their fur can trigger a lot of sneezing, watery eyes, and other very bothersome allergy symptoms in one of your family members.

In addition, there are some people who have phobias and are genuinely frightened of dogs. This could pose a problem if one of these individuals lives in your home or visits often.


They Can Damage Things

There are many destructive things that dogs can do within your home. When they are puppies, they often like to chew everything in sight.

While giving them chew toys can help, they sometimes won’t know how to differentiate between their chew toys and your favorite pair of shoes or your new backpack.

Additionally, dogs like to dig quite a bit. Sometimes, this means that they will seriously cause some damage to your lawn or yard. Some of them even like to do this inside the house, meaning your carpets and furniture could potentially be destroyed.


Dogs Can Be Annoying by Barking and Waking You Up

If you can’t stand when your sleep is interrupted, a dog might not be the right pet for you. Dogs tend to wake their humans up every morning, especially if they need to go out or want attention.

Additionally, most dogs bark regularly. This can be very irritating to you and the people who live around you. Some dogs bark more than others, but it can be a nuisance, especially when it happens late at night when you are trying to sleep.


They Do Not Live Very Long

Perhaps the biggest pitfall of having a dog is the dog’s lifespan. Dogs really do not live very long.

You can become extremely attached to your dog, and you will almost inevitably have to say goodbye at some point. This can be much harder than a lot of people anticipate before getting to know the dog.

Most dogs live between seven and twelve years, although the reasonable expectation will depend on the breed of the dog. Typically, small dogs live longer than larger ones.


Pets That Might Be a Better Fit

Believe it or not, science actually says that dogs may not be the best pet for humans. This is all the more reason to make sure you only get a dog if you are fully equipped to give them all the care they need.

If you don’t have the resources to properly take care of a dog, but you really have your heart set on an animal companion, there are several lower-maintenance pets that might be a better fit for your home.


Hamsters and Guinea Pigs

Hamsters are relatively very easy to maintain. You do need to get them the appropriate cage, but they are generally very docile and loving.

You don’t need to take care of their bathroom needs in a time-consuming way like you would need to with a dog. All you need to do is put down paper bedding that will absorb urine.

Guinea pigs are great options as well. Somewhat bigger than hamsters, they are also relatively low maintenance. They don’t require much more than a cage with food, water, and some straw. They also have their adorable traits, such as the fact that they jump in the air when excited.



Cats bond with you in a way that is more similar to dogs than a lot of people know. Even if they don’t show it, they are said to love human interaction. They are also relatively very self-sufficient, compared to dogs. They enjoy their time alone and like to go exploring often.

If you are someone who travels a lot, for example, getting a dog might not be a good idea. Not only will they miss you, but dogs really cannot survive on their own. Cats, on the other hand, are much more independent. If you go away for a few days, you can just leave them with food and water.

For a dog, if you’re planning a trip, you would have to pay for a dog sitter or find a kennel. This can be expensive, and it can add a lot of stress to your trip planning process.



Goldfish are some of the most low-maintenance pets that you can have. It is very easy to take care of a goldfish. You do need to keep in mind that they can’t survive in a little tank without a filter for a long time, but they’ll be okay in that situation at the very beginning.

For goldfish, all you really need to do is clean the tank once in a while and feed them on a regular basis.



Snakes aren’t for everyone, but they are a good option for some people who want a pet that isn’t very high maintenance.

You just need to provide a warm tank, a certain amount of foliage, and rodents for them to eat every few weeks. The amount of food they will need will depend on their breed and size.

You should keep in mind that having a snake might not be a good idea if you are on the squeamish side and wouldn’t be okay with watching a snake devour a mouse or rat alive.


Sea Monkeys

Sea monkeys are a hybrid of brine shrimp that were created in 1957. You can grow them yourself, and then you only need to feed them about once every week.



There are many different types of birds out there for you to choose from. Some of them can even learn to talk to you! You can choose the type of bird that you think would be the best fit for your home; some require a lot of human interaction, while others don’t.


Dogs Aren’t Every Man’s Best Friend…

Dogs are some of the most amazing animals out there. However, this does not mean that everyone should have a dog in his or her home.

As you have seen above, dogs are very high-maintenance pets. They require a great deal of care and attention. If you are not able to provide these things, despite your very best intentions, it won’t be fair to the dog.

It makes sense that you would want to have an animal in your life. Animals are wonderful and often very capable of unconditional love. They can make your home seem much less empty. This is why, if you are not in a place where you would be able to take care of a dog right now, you should consider getting another pet that doesn’t require as much effort.

Whatever animal you bring into your home, you need to make sure that you are able to give them the care that they deserve. You should choose the animal who will brighten up your home while you take care of all their needs.


Writer: Nilani Thiyagarajah

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