The Reasons Why to Use a Double Door Dog Crate

Most dog crates have one door giving access to the crate. But there are crate units that have two doors, they are even better for these reasons.

  • Easier access going in or out of the crate.
  • The crate fits easily into any area of the home.
  • Cleaning is easier.
  • Prevents injuries when two dogs are trying to exit together.
  • Two doors offers more flexibility as the dog can get out and in from the side or the front.

Just being able to fit the crate into more areas or positions within the home make it easier to work with.

And the crate can double down for use with two dogs, either with a division between each unit or sharing a single space. The double door crate has more flexible options than a crate with only one entry or exit way.

When dogs are being let out, often each dog rushes out to be first. This can lead to injury while exiting the crate. Two doors can allow each dog to exit at the same time.


Two Doors Are More Convenient!

A double door crate that can hold either one or two dogs is a great solution to housing your dog indoors. If two dogs are separated but in the same crate, they each can have their special exit door.

Two-door crates are more practical because;

  • Each dog can safely exit without rushing, which can cause injury.
  • Having a choice of doors helps if your dog prefers sharing a crate.
  • Easier to clean as two doors allow better access.
  • Better positioning in the home – single door crates may not fit into some spaces, whereas two doors are more flexible.
  • With double doors, a nervous dog won’t feel trapped- the crate has more than one escape route.
  • Tending to a sick dog within the crate is easier. Often a sick dog will back into a corner to feel secure, which often blocks the single door, so having a second door to reach them and tend to their needs is ideal.
  • Easier access for an overweight dog
  • Great for two dogs- each has their own space, or they can share the one crate but still have two doors to choose to exit from.


Double Door Crates offer Flexibility.

Many crates with two doors have a removable divider so that you can use half the crate with the divider while your puppy is small. Then as your puppy grows to adulthood,  you can remove the divider panel so that they have more room.

A crate with two doors allows a lot of flexibility to place the crate in the most convenient location, such as sideways between furniture and the walls. Even if one door is blocked off by a wall, the other remains free to use.

Some crates are designed with safety in mind and have rounded corners to minimize any injuries.

Wire crates are durable, and many have a powder coating finish which is durable, and a removable plastic floor for ease of cleaning in case of a toileting slip.

You can get different types of crates, from light-duty crates made of fabric and with only one door, up to the heavy-duty wire crate that is ideal for large strong dogs or dogs that travel around a lot, and they often feature two doors.

There is also a Revol Dog Crate that is a mix of a traditional wire and a heavy-duty crate. They are more appealing to look at, and they come with a side door and a top door. The crate even has wheels making it easy to move. The wire has a diamond shape mesh which means less likely a puppy can wiggle out or get their jaw stuck in the wire.

The prices vary depending on the size of the crate, what the crate is made out of, and any accessories that are tacked onto the crate.

But as one person said to me, if you can’t afford a crate, then you can’t afford a dog. And I tend to agree with them on that point.


The Size of the Crate Matters

There are many types and designs of crates that you can choose from. But the size of the crate is important.

A well-chosen crate allows your dog to stand up, turn around and lie back down comfortably. Dogs are den animals, and they will consider their crate to be a safe, clean and comfy sanctuary.

Having a well-chosen create that isn’t too big will discourage your dog from soiling their sleeping quarters. If a crate is too big (especially for a puppy) they can poop in one corner and sleep in the other which defeats your toilet training efforts.

A crate that is just the right size gives your dog a feeling of safety and security. If the crate is too big for a small dog or puppy, they may feel lonely in the crate. There is too much room and no one to share it with.

On the other hand, a crate that is too small for your dog can cause them anxiety because  they feel too squashed, too cramped. They will then avoid going into the crate.

The right sized crate can become your dog’s best friend, a sanctuary away from loud noise or boisterous children. A place when they want a bit of time out.

Usually, the doors are left open, so your dog can come and go at will. The only time they may get locked in is if you are going out for a short time, and it will protect them from getting into trouble while they are alone at home.


Two Door Crates Come in Many Designs.

If you visit a pet supplier, you will be overwhelmed with the choice of crates.  They are not just confined to wire or fabric crates in black or dull shades. Now crates come in all shapes, sizes, and almost any color.

Whenever you talk to a dog owner, they all have their own favorites – it is a personal preference but for some ideas of types of crates check this link for some ideas.

From single crates with one door, to single or double crates with two doors. Believe me, if you have the money, you can get some pretty special dog crates! But the most important features to consider are.

  • Lightweight and possibly a collapsible crate for puppy training.
  • The right size for your dog – they must be able to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably.
  • A removable tray base for easy cleaning.
  • Trip lock technology for safety.
  • Double door crate for flexibility.
  • A space divider to separate dogs within a crate.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Secure, solid, and easy to assemble.

Plus, you can get some great dog crate accessories such as a crate bed or liner, attachable water cup options, so the water doesn’t tip over, and a nice crate cover if you should feel the need to cover the crate. Some dog owners cover part or all the crate at night.

Or the fashion-conscious owner may drape a nice cover over the crate, so it matches the home décor.


Introducing Your Dog to a Double Door Crate.

This is a topic on its own, but here are a few tips to introduce your dog or puppy to the crate. The double door crate comes into its own when it comes to crate training.

  • Put the crate in an area of your house where the family spends a lot of their time.
  • Make the crate comfy with a soft blanket and bed, soft toys, and a water bowl.
  • Tempt your dog to enter using a trail of treats.
  • Keep the training low key – take it slow – give your dog time to accept this new thing.
  • Feed them in their crate (this is where two doors are handy for access).
  • Leave the doors open, to begin with.
  • Close the doors once they are used to the crate for small amounts of time. Stay with them besides the crate at first.
  • Then proceed to move away for five or so minutes at a time.
  • Don’t make a fuss when you go or return.
  • Then move onto longer periods.
  • Never crate a dog for an extended period. Remember that puppies cannot control their bladders for longer than 2-3 hours when they are young.
  • Never growl or use the crate as punishment, or your dog will avoid it like the plague.



Make sure you shop around and do your homework on what is best for you and your dog. If in doubt, research other people’s opinions and what worked for them.

The double door crate is a wise investment as it provides the most flexibility for your money. They are ideal as a training tool as your dog has options when leaving the crate.

Cleaning is easier with models that come with a removable tray liner, and the crate still allows your dog to be part of the family even when they are in their crate.

Dogs love to see what is going on. Even if they are not involved, at least they are not lonely.

In times of a storm with thunder and lightning flashing, or construction sounds around the home, a crate is a perfect place your dog can go to feel safe and secure.

The door(s) of the crate can be left open so that your dog or puppy can go in and out when they please. But if you have to go out and are concerned for their safety if they are left alone, a short time locked in the crate satisfy that concern.

The double door dog crate is the most flexible of all the crate designs, allowing your dog to feel right at home in their wire ‘den.’

Writer: Jean Brewer

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